Specifically Tailored for Kids and Teens, Ages 4-14 years

Double Elimination

All JGA tournaments are double elimination, guaranteeing each competitor a minimum of 2 matches per division they are registered for. The only exceptions to this are classes that have only 2 competitors and a 3 competitor class where the winning competitor received a first round bye and wins the final (see bracket examples).

That's Right! Guaranteed Two Matches per Division!

Multiple Division, Girls Only, Novice, JV, Varsity, and Take Down

All competitors will have the opportunity to compete in two different division per tournament. Division 1 (Gi division), Division 2 (No-Gi division).   The tournaments will vary from all Gi divisions, all Submission Wrestling (no-gi) divisions or a combination of the two.

Female competitors will be allowed to compete in the boy's division as well as in the girl's division.  On some occasions they may not have competitors in the girl's weight classes. We encourage all competitors to compete in as many divisions as they can to maximize the experience of competing in tournaments.